Healing Arts

Body. Mind. Spirit

Our bodies are this wonderful temporary housing that function in this 3 dimensional world. Spirit is much more expansive, existing outside of perceived time and space restraints. Our minds are the conduits between body and spirit. Abundant ZENergy is a place to help expand our minds perspective to strengthen our Body/Spirit connection.

Example - thinking of calling a loved one just as they call you is more than just a co-incidence.

Better Space

Innovating Healing

Healing is a generally used term to help better the body to overcome an ailment, to come closer to the spiritual idea of a healthy being. Healing can come from medicine , but also through prayer, diet, focused energy, cleansing chakras, meditation, balancing internal meridians, massage or even mud baths - to give a few examples.

Flow of Energy

Einstein said energy is universal and everlasting, just changing forms. Focusing energy correctly aids in healing, building loving relationships, personal growth or even nuclear power. The more we focus energy in positive ways, the closer we are to connecting body, mind and spirit.

Example - studying for better grades is focused energy, so is working hard to strengthen a family bond. Both have rewards due to the energy put into the desired goal.


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