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Energy is abundant everywhere

I started understanding energy by using prayer for healing, then different massage practices would draw energy that could be used for healing as well. Energy is used in Chinese acupuncture and meridian work, Reiki and many more modalities of healing. Laying hands on a sore body area can re-direct energy to aid in healing. Abundant Zenergy is a shoppe that collects many trinkets and devices that have been used for generations to collect energy. Aligning chakras, cleansing auras, understanding meridians are personally beneficial to aid in healing ourselves and others.

Intentions are also a key to growth and healing. Giving these intentions reality can be as simple as repeating a mantra or shouting your intent into the universe. Crystals, pendants, personal power trinkets, aromatherapy and correctly channeled thought have all helped me grow in this journey through life. Try to love all others no matter how hard (judge not - apply the golden rule), sometimes loving yourself may be even harder. Enjoy life and share love of life with others.